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Location New York  Date 2021 | Position Junior Architect

Six-story 11,000 sq ft townhouse renovation located in the Upper East Side of NYC. The existing building facade is made from bricks and brown-red stone ornamentation. Its appearance stands out from the monochrome facades of the neighboring buildings. 

The process of redesigning the facade included researching the neighborhood’s architectural typology, sketching ideas using 3D software and technical drawings.


While working on this project, I conducted a facade design study where I focused on exploring form and materiality. I was inspired by the figurative ornamentation, a common feature of facades in the area. I then decided to ornament the building in a more modern way. I used the stone brick material in different applications and patterns. Bricks were applied in a variety of ways like Running Bond, Herringbone, Stack Bond and made-up patterns

As a junior architect at GRADE I introduced, integrated and executed Rhino 3D modeling, a design tool which had never been used in that matter before at the firm. I also contributed to key elements of schematic design, design development and construction documentation. 

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