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Public Housing

Hong Kong


Pratt GAUD Instructors
David Erdman & Hart Marlow

This project is a an addition and alteration to a Hong Kong housing estate. The addition is meant to address the growing need of housing in HK. The design focuses on the air spaces above and between the existing towers. It looks closely on the existing structure and its graphic coloration as a driving force for design exploration. 
The color itinerary for the proposed project is focused in a compressed area. Taking inspiration from the Chinese pagoda, elements such as the curved roof, bracketing and application of color. The mineral-patina coloration is applied to as an inspiration of the existing local textures.
Design is developed through methods of model making and photography. The renderings are constructed by montaging pictures of the physical models back into the site images. This approach of architectural image making relies heavily on the framing and composition of the original photography and the live effects or details built into the physical model.

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