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Location St. Petersburg Date 2019 | Institute Pratt School of Architecture 

Software Rhino, VRay, Photoshop, Illustrator

This waste to energy (WTE) facility is hybridized with a museum of the senses, located in Saint Petersburg Russia. The building is situated at the boundary between an industrial district and a residential neighborhood. This unique location inspired the decision of attaching a museum for the public to the WTE facility. The urban planning of the site was designed accordingly. The WTE truck access is located on the west industrial side while the museum entrance is on the east residential side and includes a public park.

The building’s design is referencing a similar contrast of architectural styles of Russia, the Brutalist and the Baroque. The Soviet brutalist architecture that is known for its primitive shapes and minimalist construction showcases the bare building. While the elegant palaces that are built in Baroque style feature intricate decor of gold and royal colors. The museum and WTE building design is an integration of these two contrasting characteristics.

The interior is planned through a carefully processional sequence where visitors of the museum seamlessly experience the WTE facility and the art exhibits. Using an architecture that is industrial but also includes precious details challenges the viewer, never quite allowing it to be fully understood. This ambiguity ties back into the building's program to create a cohesive piece of architecture for people to reflect on.

Instructor: Alex Barker

Team: Brandon Wetzel

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