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Location New York  Date 2018 | Position Junior Architect

Project 1

A collaboration project with the artist Harmen Brethouwer. Exquisite Corpse Cones consists of five 42 cm high digitally fabricated cones articulated with patterns inspired by The Grammar of Ornament. For each object, four ornamental motifs were selected at random from the twenty categories in Jones’s book. These patterns became the starting point for the development of new motifs built as low reliefs into the surface of Harmen Brethouwer's cone object.

Project 2

I created architectural visualizations for the M.K. Čiurlionis Concert Centre competition. The project is located across the Nemunas River from the historic city of Kaunas. Over the course of two weeks, I produced four architectural images that were exhibited in the Adjacencies exhibition at Yale School of Architecture (image of the right).

Working with Kutan Ayata and Michael Young, we explored the concept of realism through these images, discussing the narrative of each one in detail. Materiality, entourage, and light played key roles in each scene, shaping the overall effect.

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